Interview Tips


The goal of HOBSON USA is to facilitate well-matched placements between both our clients and our candidates.  We want to help you succeed in finding a position that brings you personal and professional satisfaction.

Follow these few tips for every interview and you will impress not only us and our clients but anyone you meet.

1.  Come in with Enthusiasm and Energy

First impressions are crucial.  People (our clients included) tend to make up their minds about others in the first five minutes of an interview.  So what can you do in those five minutes to make a positive impression? Come in with energy and enthusiasm, and express your appreciation for their time.

Also, start off with a positive comment about the company – something like, "I've really been looking forward to this meeting [not “interview”]. I think [the company] is doing great work in [a particular field or project], and I'm really excited by the prospect of being able to contribute."

2.  Focus on the Opportunity 

No one likes a complainer, so don't dwell on negative experiences during an interview. Employers don't need to hear about your personal life and issues that may have led you to the interview.  Impress them with what you know about their business and discuss your skills and what you can bring to the position they need filled.  Stay focused on the position, the company, and how you can make an impact on their success. 

3.  Be Prepared

Learn something about our client and their current projects.  Have a copy of your resume with you when you go to every interview. Get to your meeting on time (or a little early).  Bring questions you have about the position, and a professional notepad to take notes.  Making an effort to show you have done your homework will go miles in the eyes of our clients.

4.  Present Yourself Well

Seems like a common sense tip, but you might be surprised how many people don’t think about their appearance.  Dress in a business suit (your interviewer may be in business casual, but show them respect by dressing for the occasion), make eye contact, give a firm handshake, have good posture, speak clearly, and don't wear perfume or cologne.  

Finally, an obvious and maybe not so obvious tip.  Don't drink alcohol or smoke before your interview.  You want to overwhelm our clients with your skills, not with your scent, or lack of professional courtesies.  

5.  Be Social Media Savvy

Social Media is fun, just remember that potential employers are now routinely checking LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. for information about potential employees.  This can be positive if you present a polished, professional image of yourself online.  If you don't have a LinkedIn account, open one and keep it up to date with all your latest accomplishments.  However, remember that anything that could be embarrassing for a boss to see must be marked private on your Facebook account!  Remember that anything that you post to the public can be viewed practically forever.